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The Best Alternative Mobile Slots

Slot games started out as simple fruit machines with three reels and one payline. While these still appeal to some players, the latest mobile slots are taking the genre in a totally new direction. There’s now a section within this overall type of game that puts a twist on the classic mobile slots formula. Here are some of our favourite alternative types of these games. Aloha! Cluster Pays was developed by NetEnt games and foregoes the usual payline mechanic. Instead of matching your symbols on a payline, in this game you must match up groups of symbols to release a jackpot. Players must gather up more symbols to release the jackpot but there’s also a wild symbol to help you along the way. Next on our list of top mobile slots is Fireworks Blitz, which looks more like a Candy Crush style game than a slot. Each of the fireworks are a different colour and you’ll need to match up symbols of the same colour to win. Every firework has an expression, name and personality that makes this game very enticing for players.

Mobile Slots with Bonus Features

Another aspect that can make mobile slots really stand out from the crowd are their bonus rounds. While this doesn’t make the games totally different, it does add another aspect of fun into the gameplay. The Football Champions Cup slot game is the perfect example of this, as it has a great bonus round. When it is unlocked with the three bonus symbols, players will be instantly transported onto the pitch. They’ll take a shot at the goal five times before defending it as the goalkeeper for the same number of games. Depending on how lucky and skilled players are in this bonus round, it can be highly rewarding. This is in addition to the free spins round, so it’s an extra feature for players to test out.

Retro Reels Mobile Slots

In this day and age, mobile slots are geared towards adding more reels, bonuses and features. There is a sub section of gamers that enjoy the retro fruit machine game though and there are developers that cater to them. Simpler, 3 reel slots can be found in most online casinos to appeal to fans of the format. They’re still modern slot games with great graphics, just in a slightly smaller format than 5 reel games. They may have between 1 and 5 paylines, which can usually be adjusted up and down. These slot games can be themed with new symbols and characters, so it’s not all traditional bars and sevens. These might make an appearance in the game but they’ll usually be supplemented by other symbols that are dictated by the theme. Starting with the 3 reel varieties of these games can help you become introduced to them. Then, you can try out alternative slot games with varying gameplay to spice up your gaming time. These add variety and excitement, as it’s not just the same old game with a different theme.